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I Stepped On a Shiitake Mushroom

April 5, 2015

Feeling a lot better with the MS the past couple of weeks. The sun has helped. Got my blood panel results and I have a serious Vitamin D deficiency. Not surprising since it’s cold and gray 350 days a year here. Really happy to be part of Spring Art Scene again. Jenny and I collaborated on two pieces. Last year we had a dozen pieces up, and we sold all but two.

Big Thing

Just put all the mini Plants v Zombies toys in plastic eggs and watched Jenny hide enough candy to feed the entire nation of Ecuador. Can’t sleep. The second printing of our children’s book should arrive Monday or Tuesday. It’s a new printer, and I have no idea how it will look. You still have a few days to pre-order it here.


Mermaids, Barmaids, and Hearing Aids

July 16, 2014

Everyone I know is releasing a book, a movie, or has an art show coming in August. The Polar Vortex is back here in Illinois, and I saw people wearing coats in July. Of course that’s not terribly unusual here Downtown. I’m hunkered down at the Downtown Office recuperating from our vacation. Then our subsequent vacation. One thing I discovered about myself is that I don’t like vacations. I don’t want a vacation. I’m releasing a book in August and all I wanted to do was work.

Bluegill Mermaid

Bluegill Mermaid

My friend David’s movie A Beautiful View of Nothing will be debuting August 2nd at the Mosaic Film festival. I was supposed to be in the movie, albeit in a very small role, but that turned out to be the week I had heart surgery. I love being in my friend’s movies, especially when I can hide a beer in one of my pockets.

I think I’m going to read at the release party of my friend Jesus’s book, Iced Cream, on August 9th.

The YMCA has closed its cardio room for two weeks to remodel, so Jenny and I actually ran. Yesterday we ran two miles. I was shocked I could do it. But I’ll be glad to get back on the easy bike.

I don’t really have anything to say about barmaids or hearing aids.

Tiny Drawings

July 6, 2013

Jenny sold a bunch of pieces this week, which is cool. One of my favorites sold, a piece we collaborated on using my poem and her illustration. 


A Tiny Drawing Poem collaboration between poet Thomas L. Vaultonburg and artist Jenny Mathews