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Fantasy Football In August Is a Dirty Trick

August 2, 2018

Less than an hour until my first fantasy football draft of 2018. Jenny has gone roller skating, so I’m going to put an ice pack on my elbow and wet my beak with a ten dollar draft.

August 1st. And I’m sitting here at Zombie Logic Press headquarters so bored I’ve broken my own rule about not doing any drafts before the third preseason game.

I’m sort of liking a few sleepers in the middle to late rounds like C.J. Anderson, even though I realize Cam Newton is the goaline back in Carolina, Deonte Foreman in Houston when Lamar Miller inevitably is proven slow and old, Jordy Nelson in Oakland to have one more good year, and Sterling Shepard in New York for no good real reason. Isiah Crowell is appealing to me again this year with McGuire out in New York, even though Crowell burned me last year.

As far as quarterbacks, it seems like just wait and pair up a couple like Luck, Ryan, etc in rounds 9, 10, 11. Derek Carr is another one I’d like to get even later than that. Gives you a chance to stack up some of the players from the previous paragraph, maybe throw a flier like the rookie running back in Detroit or Denver, get some solid depth on your roster.

One thing I’ll be conscious of trying to do this year is differentiate between early season and late season guys. That’s where players like Donte Foreman and a couple of the rookie running backs in Indianapolis come in. You want to think ahead and already have the waiver pick up of the year that wins people championships on your roster already.

But like i said, I got no business doing a draft on August 1st, or even talking about one. At this time last year if I’d seen someone like Kareem Hunt of Leonard Fornette or even Deshaun Watson coming I could have stacked up top players in the middle rounds, even though they didn’t finish the season strong. Rookie running backs aren’t going to catch anyone by surprise this year, but I think the trend of drafting a rookie and running their wheels off then drafting another one is here to stay, at least for now. I think you really need to bookend a couple of top flight running backs right away then go out and get your wide receivers.

Thus spaketh the Dirty Tricks Squad



Hey Rugby Players, Shut Up

February 4, 2013

In light of recent developments in the research involving brain injuries and CTE in the NFL I’ve seen many English and Australian rules rugby and football players claiming the reason there are so many concussions in the NFL is because of too much protective equipment and lack of proper tackling skills. Too which my hasty retort is: No, Casper, the reason there are so many concussions in the NFL is because the biggest, fastest, meanest athletes in the world all get together, take every performance enhancing drug in the world to get stronger and faster, then go out every Sunday and run into each other with the force of a Mini Cooper. 

Rugby and Australian rules football players seem to take a lot of pride in their tackling technique and appear to find the American style of football vulgar in its power and strength over technique methods of tackling. What I’m wondering is if they aren’t in for a rude awakening themselves when the statistics come in about CTE and brain damage in their own sports. 

Or maybe they do just seriously believe the way they play the game is better. In that case I’d invite them to hit a training camp, even with the new collective bargaining rules limiting the number of full contact practices. Better yet, maybe those practices could be done under Australian rules. The NFL players would probably appreciate the rest.

Either way, CTE and brain damage cause by concussion is no laughing matter, and I found the NFL commercial during last night’s Super Bowl game extolling the joy and virtue of children playing full contact football a little disturbing. No, I found it more than a little disturbing. I found it tone deaf.