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It’s National Krausening Day

May 5, 2015

Bronson Krausening Day

May 5th is National Krausening Day. Which reminds me that a few years ago when Jenny was still skating in the roller derby we took a trip to Lacrosse, Wisconsin, where you can see the world’s largest six pack of Old Style beer. Which we did.

World's largest six pack of Old Style

It was a nice weekend, and we stayed overnight in Lacrosse, and the kids enjoyed swimming in the pool, and I think the Rockford Roller Derby team lost. In fact, I don’t think they’ve ever defeated a WFTA sanctioned team. But that’s not terribly important. As far as Old Style goes, a bar named The Barn used to have it on tap for fifty cents on Sunday night. I lived right down the street, so I hoisted many an Old Style there. Scotty the bartender would always be wearing some outrageous Hawaiian shirt, and he’d frequently use his own money to pay musician friends of his to come in ¬†and play, so it was a really cool place to hangout when I was bartending myself and my week had ended. Also, they had a cooler where they frosted their beer mugs, and they kept the Old Style right at freezing, so the combination of the frozen mug and extra cold beer often caused a beer slushy that you can’t get anywhere else. Well, you can’t get it there, either, anymore, because after years of drug rumors the place was finally shut down.

At one time I thought it would be funny to do a project where I created a NEw National Holiday for every day of the year. I got about six or seven done. May 5th was National Krausening Day, and Charles Bronson was the host. And that’s tomorrow, so welcome to National Krausening Day. I don’t think it would be out of line to celebrate with a cold Old Style and a Charles Bronson movie.

Do you?

So, what is Krausening in the first place?

Krausening is a traditional German method for carbonating beers without using sugars or other adjuncts. Instead actively fermenting malt wort is added to the fermented beer to provide the malted sugars needed for carbonation. A Bavarian law adopted in 1516 allowed for beer to be made from only three ingredients: malt, hops, and water. Sugar was not allowed, so wort was used in its place. Some home brewers still use the Krausening process for variety and to remain true to German purity traditions.

I’d recommend Hard Times.