Twenty Gimp Bus

One summer I decided I just wanted to ride the bus around Rockford, Illinois, and write poetry. So I did. Sometimes I would ride the same route several times. I’d like to say I learned something deep and philosophical about humanity, or myself, but I didn’t. My favorite thing that happened during all those rides was one time while we were in a line piling onto the bus this white lady was spewing all sorts of racist hatred, and this black gentleman said “Did you see we got a new President, mam?” It was worth the whole sweaty summer. Here is one of the poems I wrote about the bus.

Twenty Gimp Bus

I shuffle the pages
Of poems on my
Yellow legal pad
As if they are a currency
Printed in denominations
Too small to get you
On the bus or
Into Golden Corral Buffet
Or the dentist’s office.

Twenty Gimp Bus is
The Federal reserve Bank
Of devalued currency,
Suffering is not legal
Tender and despair
Will not settle any debt
Be it foreign or domestic.

Twenty Gimp Bus is
The author of this poem
And reserves all
Subsidiary rights
But if you can get
Away with swapping
It for lunch
That would be ok.



Submerged Structure Promo Poster

This is the back cover I designed for Submerged Structure. It would have doubled printing costs, so I didn’t use it.


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