When You Are In Love, a Poem

I’ve been serializing poems from my books Flesh Wounds and Submerged Structure at my blog Zombie Logic. I think I’ll post a few here, too. 

When You Are In Love

Fortune cookies contain
The wisdom of the ages
And the phone is always
For you.
You become a much better
Dancer, especially
When alone.
You know the exact
Location of Atlantis
And can select
The finest wine from
Any shelf.
No point considering
The nature of truth
And beauty evades you
And you’re willing
To let everyone know it.

The wicked cannot return
Your glance
And the forsaken find
You, knowing a good
Portion will soon be theirs.

When you’re in love
There’s a good chance
You’re beautiful and wise
And probably an expert
On just about everything.

Dogs are whiskered prophets
And there are no
Ugly babies.

You develop a taste for
Foods you never could stomach
Before and half of any portion
Is suddenly a feast.

Flesh Wounds TLVaultonburg



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