Sometimes Nothing Can Be a Pretty Cool Hand

Early in the movie Cool Hand Luke, Paul Newman gets his iconic nickname after bluffing everyone out of a big pot in a poker game. George Kennedy’s character, who had beaten Newman to a pulp earlier in the day for being disrespectful, is astonished and impressed by Newman’s chutzpah, and gives him the nickname Cool Hand Luke.

I wish nothing were such a cool hand for me this afternoon. I’m at the apartment, away from Jenny and the kids, and I have nothing. A day to myself. No responsibilities. No appointments. No deadlines. I bought a Tab Cola clock that arrived this week, and somewhat ironically it sits atop a bookshelf here unplugged.

I could work on promoting Jesus’s book, or jenny’s upcoming Mermaids art show, but I know I’d get no real response.

I could free write.

Here’s a haiku I did write…


I look up from my
Work and grin that the parade
Commences without me

And it does. Perhaps nothing will turn into something later today if I stay at it.


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