Kickstarter Is a Low-Down Dirty Trick

I hate Kickstarter. You probably do, too. Nothing is worse than seeing your friends begging for money on Facebook. Here’s my Kickstarter campaign. It’s for the poetry book Iced Cream, by Jesus Abraham Correa VII. I knew I was going to publish this book nearly ten years ago when I first saw this guy’s poetry on MySpace. I didn’t even know him then. I was just blown away by the originality of the poetry. It wasn’t even really poetry I was reading, it was just a snippet of a story he was telling about some woman he had seen at a local restaurant, and how her absolute disdain was almost edible.

I subsequently became a friend of Jesus and one night over drinks a few years ago asked him if he had enough of those stories to make a book. He said maybe he did, and we agreed to do a book together. That was three years ago. I’d see him on occasion and not want to pressure him, and he’d say he wanted to do illustrations to go along with the poems. So, I waited. But about three months ago I was tired of waiting. This book needed to happen, so I asked him one more time, and he said let’s just go ahead and do it.

Iced Cream is the book.

And you can buy it here Iced Cream By Jesus Correa




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