The Women and Children First Dirty Trick Squad

Here’s one of Jenny’s favorite dirty tricks. One she isn’t even aware she’s pulling. Jenny is very assertive. So, when we are in a crowd she has a tendency to force her way past people. With me behind her. Which several times a week leaves me in a position where in order to keep up with her I’d have to mow over women, children, and the elderly. Since I’m not willing to do that i often end up several steps behind her. Sometimes she’ll turn around and scornfully ask me why I’m moving so slow. I want to tell her it’s because I’m not an aggressive jerk, but I don’t. 

Recently I overtook 200 LBS for the first time in nearly a year and a half. For the year before my surgery, and the few months after it, I had difficulty maintaining my weight. But now I’m over 200 LBS again and I feel great about it. Not sure my joints are loving it so much, but I just feel best around 210 pounds. 

And one of the realities of being 210 pounds is that I do not fit into the places Jenny and the kids fit. Nor do I move as swiftly or dexterously as the kids do. Jack has me outrun when we’re at the store, and he knows it. The little imp runs me ragged. There is no panic like losing sight of a child in a public place, even for a second, so I do my best to keep up. I’ll be over fifty when he’s still in single digits. Someone help me. 



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