Polish Rodeo

Polish Rodeo by Surrealist Bradley Lastname

Polish Rodeo by Surrealist Bradley Lastname

Polish Rodeo is a collage by Surrealist artist Bradley        Lastname of Chicago.  I keep it in my Downtown                  Office at Zombie Logic Press headquarters.

I really haven’t figured out what to do with myself this Sunday. I spent some time re-arranging my bookshelf, then I was heartbroken that I lost a very extensive small press library that contained books by writers like Bukowski, Todd Moore, Ron Androla, Gerald Locklin… signed. Generally with some note of encouragement to a young writer. Which I no longer am.

Then I re-organized the few VHS tapes I still have, and was saddened that I never took the opportunity to collect all my favorite movies in clamshell boxes when video stores were literally heaving them into the dumpster. Now those old movies bring premium prices on Ebay.

Seems like we pay a lot to move into the future, always abandoning the recent past as if it had no value. Then we wake up and suddenly it does. It’s a constant state of discarding what we will eventually seek to recover. I’m hoping, however, this time I will have the space and the budget to keep what I have until it comes back into fashion again.

One thing I don’t have the heart to collect ever again is vinyl records. I did a brief search on Ebay and felt foolish once again that most of the albums I bought as a teenager are now selling for what I paid for them, or more. I refuse to buy them again. Perhaps at some point I will relent and buy a few albums, like Devo’s Freedom of Choice. But it all seems like a Polish Rodeo at times.


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