Google and Their PageRank Dirty Tricks

Google did a Pagerank update in February of 2013. If I recall correctly, this blog received either a 1 or a 2 ranking. Then Google seemed to scrap the idea of assigning a PageRank to webpages altogether. I thought it was a lovely idea. And it was freeing to me as a blogger. No more worries of spending time trying to promote a blog so Google would take it more seriously. I just wrote things. 

Like most people, I had accepted the fact that Google probably had discontinued PageRank. Until last week when I saw they had done a PageRank sometime late in December 2013. About that time I had ignored several notices to renew a custom domain name for this blog. Heart surgery has a way of making things like a secondary blog you only use to vent seem trivial. Worse yet, the domain was set to renew automatically, so I went to my bank and contested the charge. 

Then I saw the new PageRank numbers. This blog got a 3. Not a high number, but certainly respectable for a blog I only update very infrequently. The problem was WordPress had put a freeze on my blog because they have a policy that they freeze your blog if they receive a chargeback until you pay a twenty dollar fee.

Entirely my bad and a twenty dollar lesson in not blowing things off, even if death is staring you in the face. I just paid the twenty. In the process I lost the custom domain name I didn’t want to pay 18 dollars for. 

In better news I just joined the YMCA after waiting an entire month for them to approve my paperwork. Did a nice aerobic workout on the eliptical and hit the weight room for a few minutes. 

I don’t really have anything to say, I just figured since I paid twenty dollars for the privilege of posting to my own blog I might as well say something. 




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