Women Are The Dirtiest Tricksters

Women are almost always engaged in some form of dirty trick. Usually they seem to be entirely unaware of it. I suppose it must just be one of those evolutionary things. 

Here’s an entirely filthy dirty trick women do all the time. Let’s say you’re an entirely single guy who would more than be in the mood to be approached by an attractive woman in the course of going to the bank, working out at the gym, or having a beer and a cheeseburger at the corner tavern. Good luck, Chuck. It ain’t happenin’.

But let’s say you’re a married guy. Let’s say you’re a married guy with your kids at the park. Or at the pool. Or at the supermarket. Even a relatively unattractive middle-aged guy who didn’t even bother to brush his teeth or comb his hair or make sure his socks matched before leaving the house. The women will swarm on you like mosquitoes on a sweaty, drunken Fillipino hat dancer.

Now your obvious response to what I just said is, sure, they approach you because they know you have kids and can’t pose any real threat. But no, they want you. 


I wonder. Just another of life’s dirty tricks.



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