Silence is a Dirty Trick

The hardest thing to say most of the time is nothing. I was lying awake last night regretting that I felt I’d been too forthcoming on social media lately. I had every intention of saying nothing for many days.

But Paula Deen and Bradley manning and the NSA and Anonymous and the Chicago Blackhawks and Lebron James,

How can I not say anything about to choice topics?

I can’t.

I don’t.

I don’t like Lebron James. But what I dislike a lot more than Lebron James is really the Miami Heat, Dwayne Wade, Pat Riley, and Miami Heat “fans.” They got their win a couple of nights ago, but when I saw Lebron James flopping on the court and whining like a child about a foul instead of getting up and playing defense in the third quarter of the 6th game I knew what he was. By all rights his two childish flops should have cost the Heat the Championship. In a just Universe they would have. But not this one.

It never really pays off to bet against crudety, baseness, and vulgar power in this world. 

I wish i hadn’t said that.




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