Dirty Tricks At Midway Village

It was still barely above freezing today, so of course Jenny decides we should take the kids to the World War I re-enactment at Midway Village. Battle one was fought in the small mock village they have recreated. We asked one of the soldiers how they decide who pretends to have been shot and he said generally if you get tired you just lay down.

The kids were most interested in getting into the foxholes, which were full of mud and rainwater, but the climax of the afternoon was the re-enactment of a full battle on a large field, complete with mustard gas. The Allies lost this time and were taken prisoner.

The Dirty Trick I want to talk about here is akin the the Trojan Horse dirty trick because after the battles the officials encourage the children to run out on the field and gather up the brass shell casings like Easter Eggs, and when given the prompt, of course they do. The nine year old is fast and insistent and gathered many.

Then we went to Red Robin for gourmet cheeseburgers. Nobody actually ordered a cheeseburger, but that’s beside the point. When we got to the parking lot I made a comment that America doesn’t exactly have a great sense of humor about people driving around with shell casings in their car, blanks or not, and we agreed and gathered all the shells up to make sure there wasn’t one on the floorboard of the car in the case one of us was stopped for an invalid registration then made national headlines for a colossal misunderstanding.

You have to be careful with the dirty tricks in modern America. they come in many disguises.





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