Roger Ebert Was a Writer’s Writer

I remember once Gene Siskel wanted to insult Roget Ebert in the worst way, and he’d run out of fat jokes, so he referred to Ebert as the writer of Russ Meyer’s movie Beyond the Valley of the Dolls.

Insult fail.

Not because it’s not a lousy movie, but because it’s just one more example of what Roger Ebert was, and one of the best one’s of his generation… a writer.

The man wrote. And he did it well. About everything. His blog was a joy to read and one of the best instances of one of those most literate, proficient writers in the world doing what he did best. It was accessible. He could write about poetry as well as science and make it just as informative and interesting. 

He was available. If you had him on your Facebook feed you could see what he was thinking about, writing about, what he cared about. And his taste was exquisite. But not pretentious. For me he embodies the term “a writer’s writer.” 





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