Are You the Curator Here?

Only in these crazy modern times will you hear the question “Are you the curator here?” 

As in do you curate this archive or website.

Sure, I’m the curator here. And the janitor. And the sales department.

In fact, I’m a lot of things i never would be. Most of you probably are, too. It’s just the nature of modern life. I can’t imagine my parent, or grandparents, even contemplated the necessity of incorporating or knowing about intellectual property rights or SEO optimization. Well, I can guarantee the last one is something they didn’t care about, because it didn’t exist, but it’s almost essential now to have your own business to make ends meet. Monetize your blog? 

I’ve received two offers lately to write and be paid by the word. After 44 years someone finally offers. I enjoy the process of writing on occasion. The rest of the time it is an excruciating process that yields little to no results. This day I haven’t much to say, but perhaps if I get the old stone rolling up the hill the words will flow. Maybe I should get paid. I’d all but given up on that possibility. 

Yes, I am the curator here. And one of the exhibits. And i turn the lights on in the morning and off at night. Then I take the garbage out. Then there’s some paperwork. Then I try to have a cup of tea and try to figure out exactly what kind of museum this is in the first place.


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