Will I Celebrate Easter By Playing Dungeons and Dragons

Considering how insanely busy my life has become, it seems almost inconceivable that over Christmas I played Dungeons and Dragons Pool of Radiance and Curse of the Azure Bonds. The sheer indolence of it now amazes me. As it turns out I have some “free time” again this week, and I wonder what I will do.

I really need to get my diet and exercise routing in order. I could use this week to get back in the habit of starting my day with oatmeal and yoga instead of caffeine and chocolate. 

It’s unlikely I’ll feel like I have enough time to take on a role playing game. I hadn’t played one in almost 25 years when I played Pool of Radiance again. 



Here I am defeating The Mulmaster Beholder Corps over Christmas. The procedure was rather easy after you know they can’t see you if you use The Dust of Disappearance you get at the very beginning of the adventure. I wouldn’t imagine one had any chance of defeating that many beholders without it. I think my brothers and I might have back in 1990 with the aid of haste spells, potions of invisibility, and every protection spell in the books probably one or two of the party might survive, but the others will be petrified, disintegrated, drained, or fleeing in panic.

I’ll play it again in a bout ten years this time and see how I do.




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