Then Exhaustion Set In

You know those commercials that tell you how fast a car can go from 0 to 60? Well, my life went from a virtual zero to a near infinity this past year. It’s not exaggeration to say I’ve probably had one of the more leisurely lifetimes in history. I eat. I write poetry. Sometimes I made drinks for people or delivered appliances, but I never took any of it very seriously.

Then things got serious.

And I’m busy.

Very busy.

And tired.

Very tired.

A few weeks ago I started really enjoying writing again. And I looked forward to populating this blog and a couple others with my random thoughts and poems. Then life caught up with me. i got offered jobs and newspaper columns and had to move and be responsible for children and fight other peoples’ battles and try to get enough rest in this maelstrom so i didn’t collapse. It’s been a ride. I keep waiting for it to slow down, but it doesn’t. I keep waiting for the next day with no responsibilities, but it doesn’t come.

I’m starting to feel like it’s paybacks for those couple thousand days and nights where i did what few people ever get to do.


Will nothing ever return again?

I sure hope not.






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