Eustress the Positive

One of the things I learned in psychology classes is that the body isn’t very good at differentiating between good and bad stress. To the body it’s much the same if things are changing for the better or the worse. All the body knows is things are changing. It’s another one of those cautionary sayings like “be careful what you wish for.” Or be prepared to get what you asked for. 

I personally enjoy long, dull periods where almost nothing changes, assuming the conditions aren’t abject poverty or misery.

I’ve never envied those who have been afflicted with fortune or fame. I think my best advice if anyone ever asked would be to avoid it entirely. 

I know I have.

Make no mistake, if you wanted to give me a million dollars I’d probably take it, but I doubt I’d do very much with it. I don’t have many unanswered needs or ambitions. 

Perhaps I shoot too low in life. I take great satisfaction in making “to do” lists of things that are easily achieved, then crossing those tasks off the list. It makes me feel accomplished. 

One of the most comforting things I ever heard was Andy Warhol’s quote that not even the President can get a better Coca Cola than you can. Or better sunshine, or better tasting water. See, you have the ultimate control over how much you’re going to enjoy every sandwich. 

I have a friend and we both tend to use George Clooney as an example of someone to whom everything in life has been given, but then a third friend interjected that Clooney had been hurt some years back during a film shoot and spends most of his day is some fairly serious pain.

Sometimes anonymity and time to work are the greatest gifts any writer can be given.




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