Rockford Gray

Crayola should create a new color: Rockford gray. It doesn’t get much grayer than Rockford, Illinois anywhere. Maybe one of the remote moons of Jupiter. On days like this in the middle of winter where it’s nothing but slush and sledge and stuff that looks like the ooze that might come out of a Vasoline jar, you have to make your own reason to get by. The kids are upstairs with the noses to to whatever screen they can find all day. I already botched up one of my blogs by trying to manually enter code today so now the rest of the day promises little more than just retracing my steps and trying to fix whatever I’ve broken.


Crayola should create a new color called Rockford Gray

This is what it would look like out the window of my apartment today. If I were there. I’m here at the house waiting for the coffee to steep then cool off. I’d like to go buy a bunch of junk food and just wallow in lassitude for the rest of the day but I have an equally strong impulse to step it up, do laundry, clean, and plod forward with whatever level of creativity I’m capable of in my diminished mood. Every succeeding winter here become more and more difficult to bear. 

Well, I think I’ll go do the dishes and have a cup of that coffee. 


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