Consider Your Blog a Television Network

Mercifully for the reader I forget most of what strikes me as interesting enough to write about. For instance, I just wrote a blog about Sgt. Nick Yemana on Barney Miller. I leave the big game of how to solve the world’s problems and win at fantasy football to others. I used to hop out of bed at three a.m. and write down whatever inspiration I thought was going to change the world. 

Now if what I have to say isn’t more important than stopping two children from going full Omen and crashing out a second story window I let it pass. So, when i finally do sit down at a keyboard and no one is threatening to go thermonuclear I have to quickly get down whatever is top of mind. Sometime’s it’s Barney Miller. 

I have thought of being more organized as a bloggist and having an actual production schedule. Monday is poetry, Tuesday is sports, Wednesday is The Hall of Bad Dudes etc., but let’s face it, I haven’t combed my hair in a week. I think it’s useful to see your different ideas as “shows” on a network. Regular episodes will help the reader find and build a relationship with your shows.

Hypothetically it would be that way. In reality I’m happy just to slapdash any old thing together. Recently I’ve created some new blogs that need to be populated with fresh and interesting ideas on a regular basis. And I want to start a fantasy football blog for 2013. It will be a lot of work. But lately I’ve actually been enjoying writing. Hopefully I keep enjoying it and no one crashes out a window while I’m absorbed in these deep thoughts.


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