The Endless Mysteries of Blogging

I have more than one blog. On more than one platform. Technorati’s latest state of the blogosphere tells me there’s nothing unusual about this. I have more than one blog because I have several unusual and disparate interests. I like zombie movies and fantasy football and poetry and webcomics and… well, a lot of things. In fact this blog had been all but scuttled until a week or so ago when I decided I wanted to just write. MY other blogs had become restrictive in that the audience expects a certain thing. I’m sure most bloggers resent the perception some people have that what we do is share pictures of our cats and tell people what we ate for lunch. My impression of blogland is that if you did that, and didn’t do it with some sort of interesting twist, you wouldn’t have many readers.

Because I name this blog The Dirty Tricks Squad I was leaving open the possibility that I might use it to express some of my darker, more cathartic thoughts. But now that I’ve been writing a few days I’m not sure that’s what I want to do. I’d just like to write about things that are top of mind in my thoughts, life, or in the world around me.

I see people have started tuning in over the past five days and I’m not savvy enough to know where they are coming from or why they are here, but I hope you’ll be comfortable with me trying to write about an array of topics. 

At my most popular blog I know if write about fantasy football, or any sports related issue, people will show up in droves, which has led me to dislike writing about sports in any way. It’s just my nature to be resistant to giving people what they want too easily. You can get that anywhere. 

Last night I woke up at 2 a.m. to get out of bed and write down some lines that struck me as funny. I haven’t done that in years, but this morning they didn’t strike me as funny as they did last night. But that’s alright because for the first time in years I’m enjoying writing. No pressure. No obsession with how many people are tuning in. Writing should first and foremost be a passion. If it’s not, and someone isn’t paying you a lot of money to do it, I think it’s far too demanding and sometimes painful an experience to endure. I’m enjoying it again for now and I hope I’ll be able to say something interesting here.


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