Caffeine, Chocolate, and Creativity

Sometimes it takes a little extra source of oompha to get through an afternoon when you’re listening to the same episode of Kick Buttowski played way-too-loud for the 358th time this week. Lately I’m having a lot of fun and deriving some satisfaction from three sources: caffeine, chocolate, and creativity. I just destroyed an entire roll of Rollo’s I had picked up at the market for the kids but when I got home they were already eating Cocoa Puffs and chasing it with ice cream, so I decided it might be best for the sanity of all involved if I just kept them to myself. 

I also have a twelve pack of Tab Cola. For ten years now cashiers at every store I shop at have been saying the same thing to me when they ring up my fridge pack of Tab Cola: “I didn’t know they still made this,” which isn’t surprising, but what they’re really saying is “I don’t know what we sell in this store.” 

So, two brownies, a roll of Rollos and six Tab Colas in I start thinking about the creativity part of my day, and something flashes into my caffeine-fueled brain… Chet Retorted. My grandmother subscribed me the Hardy Boys book of the month club and I must have read a couple hundred of those books, and in every one was the rejoinder “Chet retorted.” So, I checked to see if the blog and the domain name was available, created them, and started Chet Then I just chose random blog setting, selected an incredibly distracting tile background, and my creativity pre-requisite for the day has been achieved. 


Now back to caffeine and chocolate. 


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