Why I Like Fulci and Franco Less the Older I Get

They keep predicting style, class, and good taste are going to make a comeback someday and that content is king and character matters. I think the people most likely to fall for that hogwash are exactly the same people most likely to not have much of any of those attributes. So, 250 words seems to be the magic number of words one has to type to have said something substantial. I am sure I am capable of proving this is indeed not the case. On occasion I am confused by the difference between the Fulci movie The Beyond and the Brian Yuzna movie From Beyond. As someone who runs a literary press named Zombie Logic Press you’d think I’m a big Fulci fan, but the older I get the more disgusting I find the misogyny of Italian and Spanish directors like Jess Franco unpalatable. Movies like A Virgin Among the Living Dead and Mansion of the Living Dead don’t have much going for them. I mean Mansion of the Living Dead does have a spectacular setting akin to the one in Shock Waves, but the story is absent. If you are a fan of zombie movies you really should see Shock Waves. But I’m not sure I’ll ever be watching Jess Franco or Fulci’s movies again. I will probably rewatch From Beyond a few more times in my life because it’s loosely based on three Lovecraft tales, and the final tale heads into a subterrainian setting and just goes bananas. Also, the chick from The Adams Family is in it. Throw in Norman fell and it would have been perfect, but one rarely gets everything. You certainly didn’t just now.


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