Mark VII Limited and Adam-12 AND Zombie Movies

I have a real luxurious afternoon so far. Com Ed sent me a check in the mail to return my deposit. It’s sure a rare thing when you can get some money back from those bloodsuckers. Then I watched a two-part episode of S.W.A.T where they might have just as easily have apprehended the criminals right in the first ten minutes. But now I’m watching back to back episodes of Adam-12, which could just as easily be titled A One Hour Show About Police Codes. But I’m enjoying it rather much because later I’ll pay my rent and have a cup of Earl Grey tea. Kent McCord is in it and he was in Return of the Living Dead 3. It was sort of a comeback for him. I used to enjoy Route 66 with Martin Milner in it quite a bit on Nick at Night a couple of decades ago. Oh, did I mention Christopher George was in the double episode of S.W.A.T? He was also in Fulci’s film The Gates of Hell. Kind of a suave fellow. Not much of an actor, but suave. I also got a couple packets of Excedrin and Anacin, so I’ll stave off this headache one way or the other. Monday I’m going to take my Come Ed check to the bank and deposit it and ask for a few rolls of nickels. Adam-12 was associate produced by Jack Webb and Hippies and flakes and anyone who isn’t straight and narrow is depicted as the scum of the Earth but it’s still entertaining. And what child of the sixties and seventies doesn’t remember this logo…




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One Response to “Mark VII Limited and Adam-12 AND Zombie Movies”

  1. Liberace Wilson Says:

    I always though McCord was a good choice for return of the Living Dead 3, and I also always though Ken Wiederhorn deserved more credit for return of the Living Dead 2. It wasn’t that bad.

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