The Dirty Tricks Method For True Happiness

if you wake up everyday, preferably in the afternoon, and think to yourself “I can’t believe I’m getting away with this shit,” you’re probably a happy person. I know highly effective people have a lot of good habits they like to talk about, but I wonder what habits happy people have. 

I think gratitude is probably one of their habits. Not just having gratitude, but expressing it. Often. Thank you feet for waking up with the rest of my body. Thank you electricity for not being disconnected. Thank you refrigerator for having some food in it. Etc. 

I’m guessing happy people also get headaches and have acid reflux, but I wonder how they deal with them. probably not by bitching and grousing all day about how much pain they are in and it’s all because the world is unfair.

Happy people probably like sunshine. They also probably like the moon. if you dropped off a happy person in Siberia they’d probably obtain an acquired taste for snow. 

I’m guessing happy people like things. All kinds of different things. They must have hobbies and collect things and like to learn new stuff. 

Who are these happy people? 


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