Is Bill O’Reilly Still Relevant and Whatever Happened To Lou Dobbs and Glenn Beck

Is Bill O’Reilly still relevant? For a while there every day I saw some story about how O’Reilly and Keith Olbermann were in some feud over who’s taller or something even dumber. But soon after Olbermann committed career suicide I stopped hearing about O’Reilly. Probably because there was no Olbermann show to see what he was fighting with O’Reilly about. But it’s more than that now that I think of it. I haven’t seen an O’Reilly meme on my Facebook scroll for months now, maybe even in over a year. And I’m certainly not going to tune in the show to see what he’s up to lately, but I wonder if he’s toned it down. Glenn Beck and that guy from CNN who went nuts and tried to secede from news (Lou Dobbs) have become ghosts, too. Now I know insane, irrational rhetoric is always gobbled up by the American public, so why have some of the most prolific purveyors of extreme kookiness all but disappeared? Maybe I’m just not tuned in anymore, but as America has become more and more whacky with doomsday preppers and secessionists and Tea Party whackos the voices I had come to count on have hushed. Maybe Alex Jones has made them all obsolete. 


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