Momus the Greek God of Cynicism

I hate the term “hater.” Some people seem to use it to try and deride anyone who disagrees with them. As if it’s not possible to find something, or someone offensive, wrong-headed, or just plain repugnant on their own merits without having some defect in your character. Maybe I just don’t like you because you’re unlikable. Maybe I think you’re a jerk who does things I find morally reprehensible. Maybe you’re just an asshole. 

The Greeks had a demigod called named Momus. Momus performed mainly the same function the fool does in Shakespeare’s plays. He mocked things. He was the father of satire. Derision. And no one was safe. That’s not to say the gods didn’t occasionally have a griffon tear out his appendix for offending them, but he kept at it. You have to admire that sort of dedication in these days of wishy-washy cynics. 


There’s also this dipshit named Momus who always seems to have some idiotic slack-jawed look on his face. I wanted to make sure he wasn’t mentally ill before I said that, but he’s not. He just likes to look like a dipshit. 

Momus Shrugged


Momus Shrugged


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